First Ceramics Class

Its back to school and the first class on my list is Ceramics I. I’ve only worked with clay one other time and it was when I was in high school. The clay wasn’t even fired because the kiln was broken so we had to use air dry clay.

The first project for this class was to make a bowl using a mold. The first thing we had to do was knead the clay to make sure there were no air pockets in it. After the kneading, I used a rolling pin to flatten the clay out evenly so that I could lay it on top of the mold. Our instructor had us get materials to lay on the mold first before the clay was put on. The materials we used would leave an impression behind on the clay. I used some leaves and a piece of twine. The leaves didn’t leave a deep impression so I had to trace the outline with a needle to make it more visible.

Once the clay was laid onto the mold I decided to make a design at the top of the bowl. We were also taught how to make a foot for the bowl using some slip. First I had to score the pieces of clay I wanted to add and then score the place on the bowl where I was going to attach them. After I added slip to both the piece and place of attachment. It honestly doesn’t take a lot of time to make but my piece still needs to be fired. I hope it turns out well so fingers crossed!

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