Looks That Could Gil

If you’ve been in The Insalaco Center for Studio Arts this past week you’ve probably noticed the 6 foot fish slumped over a pedestal in the foundation show. Do not be alarmed, that fish man is merely my final project from 3D Design. We were tasked with creating sculptures from recycled materials. Using cardboard boxes I managed to scavenge from dumpsters, I created my fish friend. Fishman in progress

My intention was to create the sort of creature that you wouldn’t want to see at the end of a dark hallway. However, the debate on whether the fish is whimsical or creepy is drawn among those who I’ve asked about this piece. In my opinion with a lot of trial and error, glue sticks, and Xact-o knife blades I brought to life a nightmare.Fishman final

I put a lot of time into this project and was pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out. This piece has encouraged me to want work in a larger scale in the future, and as for cardboard it is definitely a medium I want to work with again.

What to you think? Whimsical or creepy? Leave your reply below.

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