Light Surfing

Ok! My first week of my junior year at Marywood is complete. I am taking 18 credits again, so sleep will be a luxury to me. Good news is I have 2 photography classes this semester. Advanced Negative Reversal Color Process (real fancy name for Color Photography II) with Niko Kallianiotis (I hope I spelled his name right this time). And the new photography class is Advertising and Illustrative photography with Peter Nardone. This class I am real excited to have because I will be using artificial light and flash photography. This is completely new thing for me, I have always considered myself to be a natural light Jedi, so creating light will be a challenge for me.

In addition to art, I’ll be taking two History classes, so that means research papers. I love doing the research, but having to use grammar is something I have to work on. Sue Jenkins (Design professor and our blog editor) will attest to that. On the bright side, one of the history classes is History of Photography II, with Niko, so at least this will be a fun class. Marywood is a liberal arts Catholic university so a religion class is in order. I am an art major so Intaglio Printmaking is also on my class list this semester. The printmaking studio is right next to our photography classes and dark room, so I always see the students and the printmaking professor, Peter Hoffer, always having fun there. Now it will be my turn.

Next, on to some pictures. I have so many pictures to edit and no time to do it yet. I did manage to develop 4 rolls of film, but they are still sitting in the film dryer. This week my list of film editing and developing is still growing; I think I need an assistant. And on top of that every good photographer needs a web page, so my graphic artist and fellow blogger, Elizabeth Carlson, said she could help me.

So I am looking through some of my Outer Banks vacation photos from last week and I grabbed a few to show you. My featured image at the top of this post is a quick panorama I did. The sunsets were amazing.

Had fun on the beach and even my little dog Bella learned to body surf.

Oh and in an earlier post I had said Sam Olfano bought a Nikon 610 to better relate to all of us that had bought one. Well he assured me that wasn’t the reason he bought the camera (but in my opinion I thinkĀ he wanted to be like the cool kids).

P.S. No sharks attacked us but I did catch a few off the Avon Pier.

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