First Day Nerves

Starting a new job or internship can bring a lot of nerves with it especially when it is the first day of your very first internship or job.

For me the first day nerves came this past Monday when I started my first design internship in New York City. It was Monday morning and I was waiting for the train with so many questions and thoughts going through my head! I was very nervous as it was the first time I was taking the train by myself and it was my first day as an intern so I didn’t know what to expect. Yet, once I got to the office, started meeting people, and doing the work that was given to me, all the nerves subsided.

I realized that I wasn’t nervous doing what I was assigned because the work given to me was what I knew how to do! I was confident in myself to do a good job. Plus I was working on stuff that I knew would help me in the future as I pursue my studies in graphic design at Marywood University. Now with the nerves out of the way I’m very excited to see what the internship brings along for the summer!

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