To Grandma, With Love

This weekend I am traveling to see some family, and that has gotten me thinking about how my family has influenced my art. It’s an odd correlation for some, but in my case there is one special person that comes to mind.

My grandma Carol was the artist of my family, and according to my parents I was her little “mini-me.” Grandma loved to paint and was an avid viewer of Bob Ross, the guy with the big hair who painted all the happy trees. Her favorite subjects were landscapes and quaint country scenes. She had a tackle box full of paints, a sketchbook and an easel that my grandpa made for her, and with those she made colorful works of art. When I was little, she would be my coloring buddy, and I owe my ability to stay in the lines to her.

Sadly, Grandma only got to color with me for a few years, as she passed away when I was almost three. But as I follow in her footsteps as an art student at Marywood, I always think of her. On my first day of 2D Design, I put all my supplies in her tackle box and walked to class to start my big adventure. I wish she were here today so that we could still make art together, but her spirit keeps me motivated to succeed as both an artist and a person.

Whether it be your family, experiences, or memories, having a source of inspiration keeps us going as artists and pushes us to keep creating. Who or what inspires you?

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