First Event as a 3D Design Intern

Recently, I acquired a job as an intern for the local Scranton business, Jeff D’Angelo’s Design Group of Scranton, PA. Jeff D’Angelo designs party/event decorations and props based on certain themes. For my first day, I helped set up at an event. The theme was Denim & Diamonds, so he put together all his designs with jeans/denim and shiny jewels. Also, some specific pieces were made for the event, it was a 15 year anniversary celebration, with a live singer, Virgil Cain, a local performer. So they were incorporated.

Once at the location, we immediately started unloading everything from the truck and organizing where we could see it all. Then, Jeff gave us directions as to where things should go.

We worked for about three hours putting everything up, leveling them, making sure they’re centered, nailing, and pinning them down. It took a lot of effort, but I believe we did an amazing job and I heard the event went amazing.

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