First Sunday

Have you ever heard of First Friday? If you are from the Scranton area or go to Marywood – especially if you are an art student, I sure hope you have! Here in the lovely capital of Annapolis, Maryland we have a little thing called First Sunday. Both First Friday and First Sunday are quite similar as they both happen once a month, hence the name, and they both celebrate the arts of all kinds!

At this First Sunday in June, I spent the morning walking through the streets of downtown Annapolis with my family admiring all the different kinds of art there was to offer. This was my first time attending a First Sunday, and I had such a wonderful time enjoying the live music and visiting all the different kinds of vendors. I got some really good lemonade, and the weather was just perfect And there were plenty of soap, candle, jewelry, and Maryland crab art shops that’s for sure.

One of the parts I loved the most was walking by all the artists who were set up with their paintings. Many were ocean themed, which I personally loved, and everyone was so kind and inviting when we came by to look at their artwork. Some of my favorite artists that I saw were Rose Barbera who did handlettering on wood stumps, Brittany Zalovick who used song lyrics and movie quotes to make portraits of celebrities, and Steve Rowlands who had some awesome nautical themed paintings. There was such a wide variety, and there was so many cool things to look at.

I also got a henna tattoo for the first time!! I got a really neat flower design on my hand by Christine Cots from Annapolis Henna. It was such a quick process and so fun to get; all day long I couldn’t stop looking at it.

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Now that my first First Sunday is over, I’m already really looking forward to going to the next one in July! The weather was so great this First Sunday, and it was such a nice day of just walking by art sipping on some lemonade with some pretty awesome people by my side. I could definitely get used to turning this into a tradition for the rest of the summer, and for any chance I get when I’m in the area!

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