Beauty Within The Desert

The one thing that I would love to become when I’m older is to be a National Geographic photographer. I love taking photographs of nature and the wildlife that lives within. Not only am I interested in nature photography, but also photojournalism. I find it really interesting that people are paid to travel around the world to take photographs of foreign places. Being able to do this, to me, helps spread beauty and awareness to certain problems to everyone else that is not able to witness it themselves.

While I was on the National Geographic website, I came across an article that shows that there is life living within one of Earth’s oldest deserts. This desert has not really been explored, but that’s what the photographer’s job was for. That photographer’s name is Thomas Peschak.

Peschak has traveled to this desert many times before and that is why he was able to capture the wildlife that he did. His photographs are very up close and personal, giving you the feeling that you could be in that desert with the wildlife. This is a great way to take photographs because it gives viewers a very strange angle to look at. In my personal experience and opinion, a strange angle is very appealing to the eye because it’s a completely different to look at the world.

Not only does Peschak capture the animals and insects that live here, but also what little plant life there is. He even captures the sea that collides with this old desert giving the viewers a whole other view beyond the desert. This gives him the chance to expand the knowledge of what people may know about this desert or what they didn’t know.

He tells a story in each photograph that he takes. Whether it be a photograph of the landscape, an animal, or plant each one tells its own story showing that even in one of the world’s oldest deserts, there can be beauty.

All images: Thomas Peschak/National Geographic

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