First Website

I designed my first “real” website! Last week I was continuing my logo design application for Pennridge FISH, my home town’s food pantry. This week we were tasked to come up with a mock up of that company’s website. Their previous one was fine, a little cluttered, and a little old looking, but functional. My goal was to break up things more thoughtfully, and make the design look cleaner.

Website design

I knew going into this design that I wanted to step outside my photoshop comfort zone. I’ve used Photoshop since I was a freshman in highschool, I know it very well. But, I wanted to start using other tools that I see pop up in descriptions for UI and web design. Adobe XD and Sketch are usually the ones that are put in the experience required section on UI and web design jobs. I have the Adobe Suite so I definitely wanted to use Adobe XD.

Adobe XD is definitely more simple than Photoshop, in regards to sheer number of options. I found it really easy to navigate, though a little harder to organize because of the layers, components, and styles. It was easy enough to copy the section from FISH’s home page and start organizing it in sections on my home page. The old one was red accents, but I wanted my color scheme to match my logo so I stuck with the white, blue, and yellow. I broke up different sections by using containers and different background colors.

I think it turned out really well, and I am very proud of how it looks. There are a few spacing and other tweeks I am sure I will have to go back and fix, the aesthetic and the overall product is completed.

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