First Week Back

Winter break is officially over and the spring semester has officially begun. There’s a lot to be done before I graduate in May and I’m looking forward to getting to work in my last art classes. This semester I will be taking Ceramics I, advanced Sculpture II, and graduate level Jewelry. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a ceramics class but I can’t wait to start making pottery again. I’m sure there will be plenty of failures at making pieces because I’m very rusty.

For my jewelry and sculpture class I plan on finishing pieces that will go into my senior show. I’m very far behind and I hope to make a plan to make sure all of it gets done in time. I also have some projects I would like to do just for fun before I graduate if I have enough time. After I looked at the syllabus for each class I realized I have lots of projects that I will be able to share in posts later on. I can’t wait to share them and keep up to date on my last semester pieces.

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