Reflecting on my Inspirations

Hey guys! Last week we started classes again and so we are back to the grind. This semester I’m taking a digital illustration class and we began with a gathering of our favorite inspirations. Looking through all the pieces I had saved on my own inspiration board on Pinterest really helped me narrow down the types of styles I like. (At least digitally!)

Looking at the pieces, I realized I have a leaning towards art with bright colors and detailed line art. A lot of the pieces I had gathered had a distinct style also, though there were a few that strayed from general styles of the others. Some line art was thin, while others were thick, and some didn’t even have line art. As I gathered my inspo I thought about what parts of those things I could incorporate into my own work.

I already work with line art, but I think I’d like to make them more detailed and complicated, versus the simple kind I do now. I think I’d also like to work with bright colors, instead of just simple black and white. My work is usually just sketches, so I think I’d like to finally color things more often by using those inspirations.

Art by Victo Ngai

Art by Victo Ngai, one of my bigger illustration inspirations

In relation to that, I have a small bulletin board I think I want to install in my room. I think keeping a real life version of my inspirations would reduce my distractions from online, while still keeping a reminder of the things I want to accomplish and do. In no way will I copy them, but instead take pieces of different things to create my own voice. If you put together a nice collection of things that inspire you, I think it helps make it easier for you to find your direction and own voice, as it helps you get rid of the things you know you don’t want.

So what do you guys think? What inspires you? Have a great week guys and let me know if you have any inspirations that you work off!

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