Hey everybody, this week I want to talk about floral designer Lewis Miller and these crazy floral arrangements he’s been doing in NYC. These arrangements can be found in the Upper West Side and are quite a sight to see while walking down the streets of NYC.

Mymodernnet’s webstie wrote that “floral designer Lewis Miller arranges beautiful blooms in the most unexpected places in New York City. For nearly three years, he and his company, Lewis Miller Design, have transformed trash cans into larger-than-life flower vases and used blooms to embellish the subway system as public art. They do so using heaps of vibrant and artful arrangements that are an awe-inspiring sight”.

“The idea for “flower flashes” was built on Miller’s desire to “create an emotional response through flowers” and to “gift the people of New York the same experience he gives his paying clients.” All of the blooms used in the installations are repurposed from the company’s events, at which point they are turned over to city dwellers. Once a “flower flash” is assembled, Miller and his team leave it to others to either admire it or take a flower. Usually, the arrangements are gone within a few hours (or sometimes sooner)—a fact that also makes them so special”.

More photographs of his floral arrangements can be found here: https://mymodernmet.com/lewis-miller-flower-flashes-phone-booth/


  1. l’idée est excellente et l’effet esthétique est très spécifique. L’effet visuel si puissant provient de l’écart entre ce bouquet géant coloré et l’environnement urbain si gris si terne fait de métal et de bitume dans une structure géométrique qui imprègne notre regard.

    the idea is excellent and the aesthetic effect is very specific. The powerful visual effect comes from the gap between this colorful giant bouquet and the urban environment so dull gray made of metal and bitumen in a geometric structure that permeates our gaze.

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