Good Art?

Can one define “good art”?

It’s a basic question and one that those who ran the Salon believed they could determine, that they set rules too and then displayed but such an idea, in my opinion, ruins art.

The idea of one piece of art being “good” and another being “bad” is ludicrous, but I have to admit that I am the type of person who will stare at a piece that I don’t understand or necessarily like and think it’s “bad”. But after thinking about it for a while I often warm up to it.

That is partially because I believe art of any kind just needs to make you think or to feel, to spark some kind of reaction or any kind within you. Which is why there is no such thing as bad art, what may be bland to one could be deep and thoughtful to another. There will always be people trying to define art, to label it and to find out what place it fits into but art is transformative and each person will see something new, will experience it in a new way, and so it cannot fit into any label or slot.



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