Fly Fishing – Progress

A continuation of a prior post, I have created the second fly fishing piece while using the same theme and concept. Below is the prior Fly Fishing piece.

Rod Set Up - Illustration.PNGThis piece was the first part; setting up the fly rod. My younger brother looks at the fly he has just tied on in hopes that it will bring a successful catch. This part can be frustrating due to the line and lure being extremely small. In colder weather or when it is windy, it makes it difficult to get the rod prepared; numb hands and the line being ripped from your grasp. Sometimes, you can spend quite a while dealing with failed knots, missing the eye, and other challenges. Patience is learned and this is only the first trial.

The second piece captures him making his first casts into the stream. Fly fishing is a process and being precise with your casts is essential. Placing the line in the correct pool or emulating a flawless drift takes practice. The goal is to make the fly seem as natural as possible. These casts are important because you are casting into water where the fish have hopefully not been disturbed recently.


I used an orange background again to contrast the blue of his windbreaker and hat. There is more detail involved in this drawing due to the complexity of the vest. There are many pockets and I did not want to outline them all. I decided to use “minimal” lines and shadows to create the resemblance of the pockets and the eye will infer them as so.

The next fly fishing drawing will be the next challenge, which is tying on new flies in an attempt to hook a trout.



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