Winding Down

Finals week here at Marywood is FASTLY approaching meaning students of all majors are rushing around, and pulling all nighters preparing for finals week. For many of us, this finals week will be our last before we are considered graduates and are out in the workforce. Over in the art department, specifically the graphic design area, seniors are getting their portfolios in order to show local professionals so they can get feedback, and potentially a job. Some of the companies that will be represented today include BlackOut Designs, DSA, Idea Works, Posture Interactive, and Paper Magic.

As I am putting my portfolio together, it is hard to believe all of the progress I made as a design student here. At first, I cannot believe that some of my first projects were created by me. Our professors always told us that as we progress through the program we would grow, and really fall into who we are as designers… and they were right. I can definitely see a style throughout all of my work and throughout my peers work. To me, it’s really exciting to watch all of us grow into the designers we are becoming, and I am excited to call them my colleagues and see what they bring to the professional design world. You can expect great things out of our design students in the near future!

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