Foraging for Materials

As I am growing as an artist, I am realizing what’s important to me and how to incorporate it into my art. I think there is something so special about natural objects  used in art. For the past few months I have been reading and researching about a handful of artist’s who mainly use materials they went out and retrieved themselves. This got me thinking about what I could go out and harvest myself and then turn into something I’m proud of. I knew it had to be from my parents’ farm because that piece of land takes up a huge part of my heart.

Growing up with an outdoorsy dad I was taught the basics of survival. Most of the things were common sense like look for water or fallen trees for shelter but one thing I always remembered was find cattails! Those tall plants that grow in swamps, lakes, and creeks. They are edible and have medicinal uses but lately I’m finding out my interest in them is for something else.. In late spring and early summer, Cattails have a fluffy top on them. This fluffy has been catching my eye for weeks now so this past weekend I went out and collected as many as I could carry. 13233031_10209691128297802_6840366976102728606_n

Once I got them home I put them in my garage and went inside. I didn’t want to rush into something I knew nothing about. I started reading about the plant and how to process it to make sure it would last. I also wanted to give any insects a few days to get out of it.

As I brought the cattails in and lined them up I couldn’t figure out what to make. I arranged them all different types of ways. Once I got them into a shape I liked, I tied the stalks together with yarn. And here is my new wall hanging!


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