Friday Arts

First Friday in Scranton was this past Friday and I visited several of the local galleries.

The first event that I went to was in the ArtWorks gallery in Scranton, and the show that was on display was work by Lisa Cunningham. She does pastel drawings of houses, landscapes, and business buildings that are incredible to look at. The detail in the pastel paintings was amazing. I was drawn to them because of the perspective, the colors, and the precise detail. I visited her website and I read that she loves to capture the character of homes. Below are some pictures of her work plus here is the link to her website, You should definitely take a look at her amazing work.

Another artists work that was on display was Earl Lehman. I was drawn to his artwork because of the the bright colors and brush strokes that were used to create the paintings. His work is shown in the featured image of this post.


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