The Starry Pumpkins Part Two!

Water colored pumpkinsThis past week at Dunmore Elementary Center, the students were finishing up their “Starry Pumpkins” and I got lucky enough to view some of their finished pieces!

After the students designed their own Starry Night backgrounds, they traced three different shaped pumpkins onto a piece of white paper. Next, they were asked to use orange and yellow water colored paints to full in their pumpkins!

The students then cut out their very, very creative pumpkins and glued them onto their Starry Night backgrounds. I found it so interesting and pleasing to see the variety of ideas the students came up with it!


As you can see even as young as second grade, there are some rule breakers, which for me I truly appreciate because they reminded me of one of my favorite art quotes which is, “Learn from the pros so you can break the rules like an artist.” —Pablo Picasso

Observing children making art is probably my favorite things so far as an undergraduate student. I am always looking forward to see what else the students will create!

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