Fun Upcycling Craft!

Hello! I hope that everyone is having a good week! In this weeks post I’m going to show you a fun craft that I did recently. Not only was it a lot of fun, but it also ended up being useful as well!

What you are going to need are, a can, a large flat paintbrush, mod podge, and magazines that you can cut pictures out of.

Here I have the can that I am going to use, and a magazine which has a good selection of images. I also took the label off of my can as well. The first thing that you can do is cut the pictures out of the magazine that you want to cover your can with. As you can see below I cut out a variety of flowers to use.

Now you can start gluing your pictures onto your can! I used mod podge to do this. When gluing, I found it easier to work in smaller areas at a time so that the glue wouldn’t dry while I was working with it. After adding glue to the can and placing my picture over it I added another layer on top of it to make sure that It wouldn’t fall off.

When you are done gluing down all of my pictures I suggest you add another layer of mod podge on top of everything and then let it all dry before you do anything else with it. When your can is finally dry it can be used as a handy pencil holder, or in my case a paintbrush holder!

Here is my finished upcycled can!

There are also so many other things that you can do with used soup or vegetable cans. If you prime one of your cans with white paint, you can easily paint it any way that you like! You could even add paint on top of the photos that you glued to it as well, the possibilities are endless.

There are so many different things that can be upcycled if you just look around your house! Before you throw something away, think if it can be used as something else! Upcycling is something that can be super fun and creative, but is also a great way to recycle things that would otherwise be thrown away.

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