Making Art That Speaks

The past few days people have been taking sides.  The conversation having to do with racial injustice is an uncomfortable yet necessary one that we, as a people, are too afraid of having. 

Because of the moments leading up to the death of George Floyd, the world is on fire (if you are not aware of what happened I’d advise you to do your own research).  We are starting to have uncomfortable conversations and people are demanding change.  Only time will tell what happens next, but, if the fight doesn’t start now, minority voices will forever be silenced. 

Looking at these events through an artistic lens,  it has been up to many artists to keep the image of George Floyd alive, beautiful, and circulating.  Though the act of creating and sharing work on racial (and political) issues doesn’t directly fix any one thing, it forces all of us to choose a viewpoint and helps to spark a bigger conversation we are all scared to have.  Though posting on social media alone will not resolve the issues surrounding racial injustice, or really any issues, it is important as a preliminary step in the right direction.

At some point, we have to realize that we are simultaneously living in the past and the present. Eventually, specifics will be forgotten and the biggest question of them all will be, what did you do when things got uncomfortable?  

If you can, bring awareness to things that you see and want to change.  If your only way to help is through your artistic voice, let it be heard.

It could be any one of us next.

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