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Every time I want to look at a specific piece of artwork I made I have to scroll through my Camera Roll of 8,000+ pictures to try and find it. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t, many times I don’t bother.

I decided to make an Instagram account for my artwork – not only to display it publicly, but to help keep it organized! This way if someone asks to see my work, I can give them my Instagram name instead of keeping them waiting as I peruse thousands of photos.

Setting up an Instagram was super easy and I’m thrilled with how its going so far. Posting things that I make and having people respond to them is such a rewarding feeling. I did not create my account in the hopes of selling my art, however if that ends up happening I would be thrilled about it. I set up my account just hoping that my followers would enjoy what I have to offer. I follow many artists’ creative accounts on Instagram and find myself inspired in countless ways every day. Even if I’m not working on artwork myself, I love to be viewing artwork. I love following local artists and random bloggers who specialize in all different kinds of things: pottery, watercolor, collage, cross-stitch, photography, hyper-realistic paintings. I love it all.

One of my favorite things about posting my work so far has been remembering old pieces. Looking through my photographs and coming across something I made years ago tugs at my heart. Even if the piece is not amazing, looking at it brings me back to the artist and person I was at that specific time. Noticing how I have changed and grown is amazing. The artwork on my feed so far includes new and old pieces, school pieces and pieces I created at home.

I am not expecting my account to blow up with thousands of followers and make it big in the social media world – I just hope it can reach at least one person and make their day, just as seeing someone else’s ceramic bowls and lilac cross stitches on my timeline can make mine.

For anyone who’d like to check out my Instagram: @gabriellasgallery_

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