Student Spotlight: Michaela Schmidt

Hello! Very excited to present this week’s student spotlight, my best friend, Michaela Schmidt! Michaela is a fellow graphic design major with a special interest in photography. She has a fun, simple style and her talent with graphic design is very evident. (Especially when you have every single class together.)

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Name: Michaela Schmidt, Class of 2019

Major: Graphic Design

Minor: (Considering Declaring) Photography

I am majoring in Art because ever since I was a little kid I knew I wanted to be an artist of some kind. You could always find me doodling during classes and my house would be filled with my impressive crayon drawings. I was also very into designing and creating patterns when I was younger so at first I thought I’d grow up to become a fashion designer, but I quickly gave up that dream when I realized I would have to learn how to sew. I later realized that I enjoyed expressing myself through digital means such as photography or designing something on the computer.

The kinds of things that inspire me are anything colorful and abstract. Honestly, I find inspiration in anything I can turn into a neat photo for my VSCO.

My favorite class so far was Typography! It wasn’t until this class that I realized how much I loved fonts, and that my own handwriting could even be turned into a neat font. I now have a major appreciation for anything featuring cool lettering.

When I’m not in class you can either find me with a field hockey stick in my hand, or a bagel and iced apple cider.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was very recent. I went with my art history class to the MET, and as an assignment we had to go around taking pictures of strangers on the streets, most of the time without them noticing. Being from Maryland, I’ve only been to NYC once before, and I absolutely love the city environment so it was a cool experience for me.

When I graduate it’s not set in stone, but I would like to go to graduate school. Later on I plan to work for a company creating logos or designs, or who knows maybe I’ll become a wedding photographer.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because they give us so many opportunities to express ourselves and bring us to our full potential. All the classes I have taken so far in my short amount of time here has already helped me massively to become a better artist, and I can’t wait to see what I will create in the future.


Thank you Michaela for sharing your work with us! Being able to integrate all your interests into a degree is an awesome aspect of being an art major. Michaela is a perfect example of how you can do all that while she finds success in graphic design and photography. I too wanted to be in art since I was little, and think it is awesome how we all find our niche in the art world. Glad our paths crossed & thank you to this week’s student spotlight!

See ya!

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