20161106_123129I worked on the painting above for about an hour and felt a little guilty for calling it a finished piece. It’s not like I couldn’t have kept working on it but when I decided to stop and spend some time really looking at what I had created I was impressed. I usually do not feel that strongly about a painting being finished but this one different. So I decided to get a few different opinions. I asked a professor, “should feel guilty for calling this a finished piece because it only took me an hour to paint?”. He said of course not, it may have taken an hour to put the paint on the canvas but the result is a combination of information that has been accumulating for years. I thought that this was really helpful for me and figured I should share this concept with others! Sometimes these revelations will come quickly and almost feel easy. Other times not so much…

For example, I’ve been working on this painting recently and still can’t seem to get it right. 20161111_105643I’ve spent probably 8 hours working on it and I’m still not satisfied. But I enjoy the challenge, if it always easy I would’ve been bored years ago. I love that painting is never a means to an end for me. It’s always leading me to a new door to open and explore what’s inside.


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