This past week, I came eye to eye with the progress I have been making as an artist, especially with my figure drawings/sketches. The last time I took any sort of drawing class was three semesters ago! Over the summers or when I have the time, I try to work on my drawing skills because for me I feel that is where I need to improve myself upon. I specifically struggle with hands and feet, which I have a feeling many other people may struggle with too. This semester in my painting class, when we did our figure paintings, I would always sketch out the figure first and then go back in with paint. Half the time I did not want to go back in with the paint because I was very content with the way the drawings looked! Luckily I did take pictures of the sketches!

I feel these two sketches really show my improvement, especially with the hands. I do not think I ever been that happy with a set of hands before or that happy with an overall sketch! I am very proud of myself this semester and I plan to keep improving!

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