Galleries and Intentions

Recently, I went to check out “Our Natural Call to Art Therapy” with my friend Annachiara. And let me tell you, I was impressed! Marywood has some very talented artists in its art therapy program.

Students of all ages had pieces in the gallery. Check these out:

I think the coolest part of the gallery was the “Intention Catchers.” MUSATA (Marywood University Student Art Therapy Association) invited the community to come together and place their own intentions on the intention catcher.


MUSATA’s “Intention” Catchers


Of course, Anna and I added our very own intentions!

I’m so proud of everyone who had a piece in the gallery. These are my friends and colleagues. I can’t wait to have a piece in a gallery one day!

Our Natural Call to Art Therapy, which is located in the Suraci Gallery, is happening from now until March 21st. Grab a friend with good “intentions” and go check it out!

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