Parkland to Pennsylvania

As most of us have heard, on February 14, 2018 a school shooting occurred at Parkland High School. Having the devastating event happen down the east coast in Parkland, Florida, those all around the country are emotional as well. With all of the anger, frustration, sadness, etc. felt from the situation, each student in my class created a reflective piece on the school shooting.

Although we are not anywhere close to the devastation, these pieces showed how much the dark feelings can travel across the world from one situation. After the allotted time for us students to express their emotions, each student laid their pieces on the front table for everyone to view all the feeling at once. Seeing all the artwork in one sitting… all of it was so powerful. The feeling are almost too strong to be typed. As my eyes traveled from one piece with red and black chaos to bright watercolors with a hopeful quote, I was feeling a whole lot and could tell my classmates were too! Crumbled up tissue paper, ripped paper pieces, heavy black marker, magazine collage pieces, brush strokes, all of the mediums together created a beautiful expression of feeling.


One reflection of the devastating school shooting event

The most interesting part of this necessary reflection is that some pieces showed hurt, pain, suffering, and the want for change – but others showed empathy, compassion, hope, and wanting to be there for those effected. Giving these internal emotions power through art can be more compelling than speaking out on the situation. I am positive that we are not the only ones feeling this way after the hearing the news, we hope that change happens. Soon. Very soon. Now.

Featured image: [From Catholic News Agency]

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