Gallery Talks

For one of my assignments in Contemporary Art History we had to record ourselves doing a gallery talk based on a piece that we decided to research. This assignment had my mind working, running over the smaller more minute details of why gallery talks are important as well as what it takes to give a good gallery talk.

As I aspire to become a curator some time in my life so I keep a close eye on any and all artist talks and attend them when possible. I do my best to understand what is being conveyed, take note of how they engage the audience, what materials they use in order to show their work and what it means to them.

By observing these talks, I am able to better understand what is necessary to make them successful as well as what adds a little bit of flair to it.

I hope to one day put all of this knowledge to use, as I adore talking about art and art history. One of the main reasons I decided to be an art administration was to be able to inspire others in the same way that they inspire me.

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