Seed Journal

For my package design class I have a project coming up where we have to design a sustainable product and package. I’m not sure what the specifics of the project are but I already have an idea that I would like to execute even if it’s not suitable for this particular project.

I’ve been buying notebooks and journals since I can remember but I’ve never had a use for them other than schoolwork and I don’t like to use my “good” journals for that. I’ve tried to stop myself from buying so many but sometimes I lack the self control. Last year I found a use for all the journals laying around in my room, journaling.

I know a lot of people keep journals but what happens to the journals after you finish writing in them? Do you write a book about your life? Maybe. Do you store them in a box and forget about them? Do they go in the trash?

I want to make a journal out of seed paper. The journal itself would be similar to other journals in the market but the seeds embedded in the paper would allow the owner of the journal to plant and grow their own flowers.

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