Mandala a Day


We’ve all heard of inktober, the month-long art challenge that takes over all of October. This current October I decided I wanted a way to incorporate art therapy and my own art practice into the challenge. I decided on making a mandala every day, thus creating mandalatober. Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle; typically it is filled with geometric designs representing the universe. They are used in many spiritual practices and are sacred to many cultures, such as Buddhism and Hindu. When using mandalas, it’s incredibly important to acknowledge this sacred process. They symbolize interconnectivity, spiritual journeys, rituals, and the universe. They can help people connect spiritually and find their own personal expression. It’s frequently used in art therapy as a form of mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy. There are countless benefits to including mandalas into your daily practice.

Being almost two weeks into this practice I have already noticed the benefits of creating a mandala a day. No only have I seen a boost in my creative energy, but I have also seen a difference in how I handle my stress. Some days I will use the creation of a mandala as a means of stress relief, while on other days I use it to soothe my anxieties by clearing my mind. By taking just thirty minutes out of my day, I’m able to get into a creative and mindful flow.

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