Special day

On Saturday, October 12 I was given the amazing opportunity to photograph a wedding. This was my first ever wedding gig, and I was nervous and excited at the same time. Thankfully, everything came to together really well and I took well over 1,300 photos. I was once taught it is better to take too many photos than not enough, and I took that advice and did just that. Everything was super beautiful, and I am grateful for this experience.

I took both candid photos and posed photos, and I love so many of them that I was super hard to choose which ones to share on my blog.  Each candid photo shares its own story of love and happiness, from the ceremony, to people dancing, to all the activities which took place during the reception (first dance, cake cutting, speeches). I captured people laughing and people crying, and I stand by my belief that candid photos are the most important and realest photos a photographer could take.

My favorite thing about the bride was she was super excited to take fun/silly photos rather than just staged ones. She asked me to take photos of anything funny and embarrassing, and everything in between. This made the entire day fun and the bride will definitely be pleased with all the results.

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