Hey everybody, this week I found an article written about British artist, Gary Hume, and his solo exhibit held at Barakat Contemporary in Seoul, South Korea.

Described on the website, Hume’s solo exhibit “is titled Looking and Seeing, where “looking” refers to the sensory and physical act of observing something and “seeing” encompasses this act as well as our perception and interpretation of the object. The artist has talked about how people generally do not truly observe an object; they brush their eyes across it, perceiving it in terms of the ideas they already hold and moving on. “Seeing” in this case can be understood as a matter of confirming and reinforcing our existing understanding of an object through the fixed ideas that we carry with us already, rather than perceiving it anew by truly taking it in. Gary Hume, in contrast, asks the viewer for an act of seeing that is not about the ideas we already hold but about our emotions and senses”.

A part of the YBA (Young British Artists), Hume rejected art-making norms and the group was experimental as a whole in using nontraditional materials and subject matter. Hume often referred to his work as ‘picture making’ instead of painting.

The website also noted that “the objective gaze through which Hume seeks to distance himself from any emotional attachment toward the artwork and its subject is rooted in an attitude that recognizes the subject’s autonomy just as it is. The artist has shared his appreciation for things that are “full of sadness,” and even when he possesses some deep subjective feeling about a subject, he does not overstep the category of what is visible to the eye when he represents it. Gary Hume’s work is about surfaces, and those surfaces call to mind the essence of the act of seeing. The artist’s respect for artwork and its subject, together with his earnest perspective on painting, guide the viewer to experience the great inherent weight within the beauty of the surfaces”. You can learn more about the exhibit here .

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