Hypnotic Mechanical Drawings

As per usual, I spent my Friday night scrolling through my social media tags, catching up on anything I may have missed through the week. While going through the art tag on Instagram I came across an account that just fascinated me, whether it was because it was simply satisfying to watch as the machine, yes, machine, made the art or because the outcomes were simply gorgeous I’m not sure.

Machine 1.jpg

Gandy’s First Machine

Machine 2.jpg

Gandy’s Second Machine, built in 2018

The account, gandyworks, sucked me in and I was simply gazing at the works that were created, watching the videos of the drawing machine circling the page and creating beautiful, colorful pieces. It was hard not to fall in love with the pieces but it made me think of a question that can seem rather odd. Did Gandy make the works? Of course, he made the machine which them makes the works, which must have taken many hours of work and thought, but in the end it was the machine that made the art. In my mind, and opinion, the works were made by him in the end, he had to put in the information that ended up making the work. If anyone else had put in a different sequence or different commands it is easy to assume that something else would have been made.


A work made with his second machine


Overall, I highly recommend checking out his instagram or even his website (which will be linked below) and see what you think of the works yourself! The videos are my personal favorite, I have to admit.


Featured Image: http://www.jamesnolangandy.com/news
All Images: http://www.jamesnolangandy.com/new-gallery
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxtknWyBuSD/
Website Homepage: http://www.jamesnolangandy.com/

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