Get Connected, Stay Connected

This week for me was all about networking.  I’ve been going out and making connections. Speaking with other artists, students, professionals etc. Just meeting new people who share common interests and or goals. While it is a great skill to have, it may not always be easy. For people like me who may struggle in this area, my advice would be to practice! It makes perfect right?

As artists I think it is especially important that we develop this craft. You have to be able to put yourself and your work out there for others to see. At this point I think we’ve all heard about the joys of making connections but not many people speak about how important it is to keep those connections. Reaching out is good but staying in touch better.

The art of networking, it can take you far in your career and your life. A connection can be made anywhere, with anyone at anytime. So, get out there and start connecting!

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