Getting Back To It

Winter break is over and the spring semester is finally here. That means new classes and new projects. This semester I’m taking a Painting I class and a Sculpture II class which I am really excited for. I’ve never really had the opportunity to experiment with oil painting before so this will be a new experience for me. I know that oil paints aren’t as easy to work with as acrylic paints but I’m ready for the challenge.

I really enjoyed my Sculpture I class last spring and I can’t wait to see what projects I’ll be working on next. There are a lot of different kinds of media that I’m hoping to work with in Sculpture II such as metal and glass. I’ve never used glass as a medium in my work because I’ve never had the opportunity or resources and I’m not very comfortable with working with metal yet. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to learn how to work with these materials better in this class. In the future I hope to blog about the projects I’ll be working on this semester. Good luck to everyone this semester no matter what your major is!

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