The Spring semester is finally upon us and the first thing I did, when I got back, was go down to the ceramics studio and get my last ceramics project that was fired over the break. As you’ve probably noticed in my work, I have a strong interest in sculpture.

This project in particular was quite enjoyable. My goal was to create something with an unconventional use. So I buckled down and created this freakish upside-down nose that doubles as an umbrella stand. The entire sculpture is made of ceramic coils that gives it a unique textured interior synonymous with the technique.

I ran into a few problems when I was fabricating this piece. Particularly the weak structural support of the thin coils cause my septum to deviate, but after a bit of surgery I managed to bring back most of the nose. Overall I love how this piece came out and seeing it finished, finally, gets me excited for what other sculpture I am able to incorporate into my work this semester.

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