Sunless Light

Europe Rant

I think the Italians have forgotten the recipe for the sun. I saw a glimmer of it the other day but then it was hidden again and drenched in a deluge of rain. The weather is not that cold, but with the rain it makes it feel colder. I am told it is snowing back home in Pennsylvania so I guess I am better off here at the SACI school in Florence, Italy for my Study Abroad. This week I went to Ravenna and saw some amazing things. The frescoes are unbelievable! Frescoes are paintings done when the gypsum is still wet and applied pigment in intervals or Giornata (a days work). See, Beth Tyrell, you thought I was sleeping in class and not paying attention. It is nice seeing things we learned about in our art history classes at Marywood. It’s also nice trying new foods here. This time it is a sandwich from Ravenna called a Piadina. Next trip is to Pisa and Luca.

SACI Class Update

Black & White Photography I am doing an independent study with Rome D’Loreto. So far I am enjoying the class. For my first project he said just walk around the city and take pictures to see what I come up with. I really only have one project with him and it will encompass the whole semester so a lot of work in progress.

Digital Multimedia This is a unique class. Our first project is to walk to the edge of the city, take photos along the way, document how it makes it feel, and apply it to a map of the city.

Baroque and Italian Art History So far I’m really loving this class. Yes, most of the time it involves lectures about the art, but we have already been on one field trip to actually see and experience art firsthand.

Video Fun class, and it is challenging for me because I am used to having to tell a story in just one photograph. Now I get to do it with multiple images!

“A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.” – Ansel Adams

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