Getting Involved in Art at Marywood

This week I would like to highlight some of Marywood’s many art clubs and organizations available to students. These clubs can be fun and beneficial to art students and non-art students alike, and if you feel drawn toward a certain club, reach out and get involved! Marywood has so many groups to offer, each with its own community to help you grow as an artist, have fun, or get introduced to art-making.

Zeta Omicron

2017 Zeta Omicron Exhibition

Zeta Omicron is Marywood’s chapter of Kappa Pi, International Art Honor Society. It is a service-based honor society that emphasis emphasizes community, leadership, and service. To apply to be a member of Zeta Omicron, art students must be a Sophomore or above with a GPA of 3.0 overall and a GPA of 3.25 in their art major. Along with its many other events and benefits, Zeta Omicron hosts an annual art showcase for its members. You can find information about the 2021 Exhibition here: and to reach out for more information on this organization you can contact

Sketch Club

Marywood’s Sketch club focuses on bringing together students with a love of drawing and sketching. They also focus on discovering and learning about the history and culture of Scranton through their artmaking. For more information on this club, you can reach out to

The Bayleaf

The Bayleaf is Marywood’s own literature and art journal which publishes the works and writings of Marywood students. There are editions of this journal published in the fall and spring semesters. Many opportunities may exist for this journal as artists, authors, and editors, and organizers. For more information, you can reach out to the Bayleaf staff here.

Art History Club

This club aims to help students find fun in their fine arts education through projects, trips, and more. This club is perfect for those with an interest or passion for history and art. For information, you can reach out here.

Where Creativity Works

Last but certainly not least, we have our very own art blog! This blog is run by Marywood art students under the direction of the wonderful Professor Sue Jenkins and provides many different and unique opportunities to students. Bloggers write based on many different topics and get to share their interests, skills, news, and more with our communities. If you visit the bottom of this page you’ll find plenty of resources to subscribe, contact staff, and otherwise reach out!

Additional Resources

Marywood is full of many more opportunities and communities! To find more Marywood clubs, you can visit our club and organization page: and you can access more info on our art-related groups here on Where Creativity Works.

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