Getting My Own Space

Hi everyone! School’s been in session for a bit now, and it’s been pretty interesting for sure!

One of the coolest things I’ve gotten to do is get my own little studio at school. The studio, while supposed to be for my Painting 3 class, is really just for me. I can paint, sit and sketch, and work on illustrations! I also love it because I get a little desk. On that desk I can keep all my drawing tools, and then I can practice my gouache on the table, while I wait for my other paintings to dry.

Having a space to spread out and feel free to jump from piece to piece, or one project to another, can be very important!

A shot of my studio space, a different angle

An artist’s space can be the difference between coming up with some awesome art, and just doing sketches. While there’s nothing wrong with sketches, it’s important to finish things. It leads to not only a sense of accomplishment, it can be something that helps you improve in using your desired tools, and adding things into a portfolio for work!

While I know not everyone has access to one in their own home, even just setting up a little table only for art, can really make a big difference! Of course, you can always take Painting 3~

See you guys later!

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