Work(s) in Progress

The semester is off to a busy start, and I have a couple of projects waiting to be finished as soon as I get a spare minute to organize my life. I am still working to find the most effective way to transition between my thesis work, actual work, projects for my class, and personal projects without wasting a lot of time. I’m open to suggestions! For real though- let me know.

This past week, along with writing an artist statement and semester-long project proposal, I worked on a copper wire fibula (self-contained brooch that functions like a safety pin) for my Jewelry/Metals III class. Since I already made a fibula last semester, this was a nice way to ease into creating jewelry again. It is not something completely new, but it was still challenging because I wanted to create a piece that looked markedly different from my first attempt. The first picture is my piece from last semester, and the others are my fibula-in-progress:

I wanted the second fibula I made to reflect my personal taste a little better as well as demonstrate some more skill: it is more geometric, cleaner, and I think it shows I had a clearer vision and more control over the shapes I was creating. Now I just need to finish it…

Featured Image: Jill Sibio, 2018

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