I’m so excited to show you what I have finished this weekend. I am super excited with my final results, just like I promised you last week here is the finished painting.


This week we will be talking about art work and the Process of making it. There is one thing I would like to change in this paining and that is the background. I think it clashes with the darkest part of the figure’s body and it makes it hard for her to pop out. However, I was very unsure of the color to choose, after getting a options from my painting professor, I will go into the painting again with a different background color. This is just one of the many steps to making art, you as the artist have to know when the painting is over or when you have to go back and work the painting more.

The process of creation can vary depending on your personal temperament, your artistic style and your medium. For some, the process of creation is actually quite short and much of the work has been done in the previous phases for instance, a simple line drawing. While it might take minutes to complete the drawing, the thought and time developing that idea was the more time-consuming part of that project. For a detailed painting, it might be just the opposition you might spend hours, days or weeks refining the perfect light on a realistically painted flower petal in oil.

After you create a piece of art, there might be a slight activity: sharing it with family and friends, delivering it to a client or hanging it on the wall. But regardless of the end point of the art, its completion often leads to a period of reflection.

This reflection will be different for everyone. For others, there’s relief: “It’s done! I can move on to the next thing!” For others, there are regrets: “I wish I had made this line longer, I wish I had made that part of the composition blue.”
Regardless of how it feels to create a piece, though, its completion is a milestone. But your creative work isn’t done forever: it won’t be too long before the entire cycle begins again!

Until next time.


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