Getting Started 

My major is sculpture studio art but I am also taking a minor in business marketing. In my Business Management class we were told that we had to make an online portfolio because you will have to use one at some point in your career. So I’ve been taking my time to put together a portfolio that shows my work, career history, education, etc. I feel like this assignment will definitely benefit me in my future because it is a collection of my achievements all in one place. While there isn’t much in my portfolio yet I can update it as time goes on.

I love art and I feel that I can make a career out of it but I took business because I wanted to be able to sell my self and my work. If you love what you do you can do anything with it but only if you know how to put it into action. I highly suggest taking a minor in business to anyone because your career is a business and it will only benefit you in the future.

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