Ghost Photoshoot (Again!)

Last semester when I started writing for Where Creativity Works, my first ever blog post was about the “ghost photoshoot trend” that the shutterbugs had done an activity based around. It was my first time running an activity for the club by myself as VP, and I was incredibly nervous. Looking back now and seeing how much I’ve learned through leading the club, and how I’ve been able to handle the role despite my nervousness, is very reassuring! This year I am very glad to say we had even more participants, and everyone had a great time! We hope this tradition carries on each year, and considering how popular it is with the members I think it definitely will.

If you haven’t read that post, here’s some of the images from last years shoot

While I did really like the style in which I shot the ghost photos last year, I decided to switch things up this year so as to not end up with photos that looked too similar. I still used direct flash, but forgoed the panty hose over the lens. While normally I avoid noise in low light photos at all cost, I embraced the pixelated look in some of the images, and upped the vibrancy in the photos to create a specific style.

If you’re a marywood student and looking for a fun way to decompress and have some fun, while learning all sorts of cool stuff about photography, join the shutterbugs! You can join at any time by emailing us at, or filling out the form in the bio of our instagram page (@mushutterbugs). To keep up with all the fun things we do, give us a follow on any of our socials!

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