Girl Code.

Hello everyone!

This week was a lot of fun. I really got into the swing of things at work, and I am excited to show you one of my first projects. ACI is hosting a coding camp for girls here in Naples, Florida. I received the task of working on all the marketing, and creating the designs needed for this event.

I decided to do some typography, considering all I really do now is PowerPoints and social media graphics. I enjoyed this project. I created a lively typographic design in hopes of creating interest in a lot of young girls.

Here is my design on the poster they will be hanging up at schools, and other community centers to attract some guest.


This was a lot of fun to work out how to correlate the graphic and typography. I think it is very eye catching and will attract the attention of a lot of young girls.

Along with that I got to make the t-shirt. I used the same typographic “Girl Code” and desktop graphic to keep it consistent.


If this is a camp you are interested in and you are in the area let me know! I can get you signed up. It is free and you receive a complimentary t-shirt and basic website coding training.


One thing I love about this is that I had so much fun with it I didn’t want it to end. I continued a make a whole alphabet and change the colors up a bit. It was fun to make my own font of this lettering.

Here is the font alphabet: 


From there I decided to write out some random words in it. I love how fun it is creating your own font. The first time I designed my own font was my freshman year, in intro to typography class. I will be super happy to see this used for the Coding Camp for Girls at ACI Worldwide, and a project of mine to look back on and possibly use again.



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