In the Moment

By the WaterfallWhen on vacation, it’s common to take family photos to remember the good times that took place. It can sometimes be difficult to get a good shot of kids or other family members. And who can blame them! While on vacation, kids don’t typically want to stop their good times to pose and smile at the camera.

Petting DoodleAs a photographer, my style is to capture the moment while the subject is unaware. I enjoy being able to show others the natural side of things without being too posed, which can sometimes come across a little forced. The moment is better communicated by capturing it while the subject is unaware. I believe this is a good technique to use while on vacation, because the photo becomes more about the experience a person is having than if the person if happy.

Catch Off the DockI tried to do this while away in Vermont visiting family. During all of our activities, such as kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and visiting the man-made waterfall around the corner, I tried to capture the moment. I didn’t ask anyone to pose, and the results were great. The photos showed a lot more candid and action shots, as well as a few funny moments rather than the typical posed picture of the family.

Almost Caught itKnowing how well these photos came out, I plan to take more candid and in the moment pictures like these while on future vacations. Peeking Over the Edge

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