Taking Inspiration from Food

Hello everyone, hope your week is going well!

These past week I’ve been preparing for my art fair in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and have been making a bunch of paintings to sell. I’m really excited! I have little panels and small canvases, as well as larger ones, and I’ve been painting something everyone loves, food!

Since the coffee shop, Pour, is the one hosting the event (They are awesome for doing so!) I thought a couple of food paintings would be nice to sell at the fair! Something that always works with some coffee is a nice pastry, so I made a cupcake, as well as a doughnut. I’m very proud of the doughnut actually! I’ve always wanted to paint a pink glazed doughnut actually, so I snatched up the opportunity for it!

doughnut painting

I also thought it would be fun to paint some avocados, and I really like how they turned out too!

avocado painting

Food can be fun to paint because there’s so many colors, and thought a lot of people probably think fruit and food still lifes can be over done, I think the way an artist composes it, as well as paints it in their style, can really spice something that may have been done before. Food is universal, and a lot of people can recognize a doughnut, or a cupcake, or any sort of fruit or food. Pastries themselves can be fun because there are so many, as well as different types of decorations, and moods you can put them in! A cupcake can be used for a wedding, a birthday, or placed beside a book, and they can all say something different. Food really awesome and can lead to a lot of fun ideas!


Don’t be afraid to give your favorite snack a good painting or drawing!

If anyone around is interested, the art fair for Pour will be this Saturday, the 28th! It goes from 11 until 4, and I hope I can see some of you around! See ya later!

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