Giving the Past a Make Over

A few weeks ago I was helping my mom clean up my grandma’s bedroom. We got rid of a lot of things to make room for a new bed. Among some of those things I IMG_0024 (1)found an old jewelry box from when I was little. Its a simple jewelry box but I thought it would be cool to repaint it and put it in my dorm this year.

The first thing I had to do was take the little doors off and sand everything down. I knew it would take too long to completely remove all of the varnish so I only gave it a buff since I was planning to spray paint it black anyway. After the black paint dried I took white spray paint and only sprayed the box in certain areas. That way I could apply color to the white areas later on.  IMG_0030

Okay so I really love anything with galaxy print on it–even my bedding has galaxy on it. So yeah, you guessed it, I painted it to look like a galaxy. To give it a nice blended look I used a paper towel that was crumbled up to apply the paint.IMG_0033 Next, I painted the nobs on the drawers, the handles on the doors, and the hinges silver.IMG_0035 After everything dried I applied a clear coat of spray paint to the entire box. The clear spray paint gave it a nice shine and it also protects the paint from chipping. I really liked how this little side project turned out and I can’t wait to put it in my dorm room this year.

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