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So, every once in awhile I like to share something that has recently inspired me, in hopes that it will also spark something inside all of you! This time around I happened to discover a television show that has my restless mind and body just itching to experience all that I possibly can. It’s called Big Crazy Family Adventure and it airs on the Travel Channel. Now, if you follow this blog, you know that I love posting about what inspires me, along with a past post about my own exciting journey to Europe. This new discovery has awakened that inner travelers spirit inside me and I just have to share it with someone!

Just to give a brief summary…a husband and wife from British Columbia, Canada, along with their two young sons, embark on a 6 month trip to India. They travel through 6 countries total, 12 different time zones and do it all without boarding a single airplane. I’m going to be completely honest and say that seeing the experiences this family has is completely captivating. I will sit and get emotional over how beautiful it actually is to watch. I know the feeling of being surrounded by a foreign culture and getting the opportunity to take it all in; so watching this really brings those feelings back to the surface for me, and I think that as an artist it also does wonders for my creative mind. I really find it interesting how so many aspects of our lives are connected to our passion for art. That is exactly what all of this really is…passion. The desire for travel, seeing the world and experiencing every ounce you possibly can, becoming emotional over the unbelievably vast beauty that you never knew could exist. It makes me want to pack a bag and embark on some crazy and creative adventure of my own! Hopefully someday soon.

I also really enjoy the fact that the husband, Bruce Kirkby, has spent the larger portion of his life traveling. He is actually a writer, photographer, and journalist; traveling and documenting every amazing destination ( Guess what my backup career plan is going to be ). It is so fulfilling to see someone traveling the world with their family and simultaneously living their dream job. I really may take up photo journalism after this show is over! In all seriousness, though, I really do recommend setting aside some time to really sit down and watch this family’s adventure. It is moving, inspiring and undeniably beautiful. I would love to get the opportunity to sit and talk with them about their experiences because it truly is that life-changing. Artists and non-artists alike will truly take something magnificent away from this show; and it is extra amazing to see some of Bruce’s photography throughout the episodes! In one word…extraordinary. Check it out and let me know some of your thoughts!

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