Glass Attempt 

For Sculpture II we were given three assignments that must be completed by the end of the semester. The third project is to master a material. I had never worked with glass before so I thought it would be fun to try it out. I did a practice run with a few other students and the aid of a teacher.

First we had to pick an object with draft. Draft means the object must not have undercuts. I picked a piece of wood and sanded it so that it would come out smooth in the mold. The mold was made with a sand mixture that you build up around your object. The top of the object is not covered so that you can pull it out leaving you with the negative. You also have the option of burning the wood out.

After I removed the piece of wood I filled in the mold with broken pieces of glass and a copper powder. The powder is what makes the glass blue. The mold was on a slab so it made it easier to place into the kiln.

This process took several days because as the glass melted down I had to add more broken pieces to the mold.

Finally when it was taken out of the kiln I had a piece of glass with interesting bubbles and designs.


This is just one way you can work with glass. Now I’m thinking of different ways that I can use it for my third project. So far I really enjoy this material and the unpredictable way the design might turn out.

2 thoughts on “Glass Attempt 

  1. What a beautiful end result. I just love it! I wish I had the time and materials to work with glass. I have always loved it, either in raw form or when it’s a bit more polished. Hope you get to enjoy playing with it some more!

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