Top of the Food Chain

So this week I’ve began to take steps towards a new project. We have been assigned in my Motion Graphics class to create an intro sequence for a television show. As we are being taught the software as we progress through the project I have reached the point where I can share what my plans are for my intro sequence.

weeklyassignment4 lrgTo keep it short, I intend on making a parody of Travel & Food shows like Andrew Zimmerman or Man V. Food. With my show, Top of the Food Chain, the host who, hypothetically would be played by yours truly, would travel around the world on a quest to eat exotic and dangerous animals to cement mans’ place at the Top of the Food Chain. Its a bit of a wacky premise, but I’m excited. The next phase for me is to map out my storyboard for the animation, and from there, to get into the nitty-gritty building my vision for this assignment.

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