Glass Blowing Dream

Hello! For this week I will be talking about an artform that I dream of learning and that is glass blowing. I wish glassblowing could be done at home, but it seems that a studio would be needed for safety and all the equipment.

On YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram I saw various artist creating amazing glass blowing artworks. One of the most simple glass objects, marbles, are even beautiful. They are each unique and captivating. My favorites are when artist create tiny scenes inside a small area such as a flower, ocean, or even the galaxy. I would love to learn how to make my own marbles one day.

All images courtesy of Google images 

One thought on “Glass Blowing Dream

  1. My partner and I attended a glass blowing workshop a few years ago, we blew our own Christmas bauble. It’s like a gift that goes on giving; every year we open the box, remove the tissue paper and marvel at our creations. Only trouble is, they are very heavy, so sit on the bottom branches of the tree to stop it snapping!

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